Best Organic Almond Oil For Skin That Are Worth The Try

Organic almond oil is one of the best oils you can use for your skin. It is packed with nutrients that are essential for maintaining healthy skin.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also contains linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that helps to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

Additionally, organic almond oil is noncomedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores.

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Top 10 Best Organic Almond Oil Reviews

1. PURA D’OR Organic Sweet Almond Oil

PURA D'OR Organic Sweet Almond Oil (16oz) USDA Certified 100% Pure & Natural Carrier Oil - Hexane Free - Skin & Face - Facial Polish, Full Body, Massages, DIY Base (Packaging may vary)

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PURA D’OR Organic Sweet Almond Oil will provide your skin and hair with the greatest experience possible. This Almond Oil is USDA Certified Organic and comes from all around the world. This pleasant oil is ideal for skin, hair, and therapeutic purposes.

If you have dry skin, the combination of vitamin E, A, and a potent mix of antioxidants and minerals can help regulate the skin, keeping it supple, moisture-rich, and baby-smooth no matter your age.

Pure Almond Oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. This non-greasy oil, on the other hand, promotes clear, soft, and healthy-looking skin. Sweet Almond Oil’s vitamin E can help you take better care of your hair by stimulating the follicles and increasing the thickness and volume of your hair. Organic and Pure Sweet Almond Oil is a mild, hypoallergenic oil that can be used on even the most sensitive skin, including that of babies!

All PURA D’OR carrier oils come from all over the world and are packaged in our environmentally friendly plant in Southern California. Now is the time to start using PURA D’OR Sweet Almond Oil Organic, a pure and natural solution to promote healthier skin and hair.

Key Features:

TWO-IN-ONE FACIAL OIL AND POLISH: Why use makeup removers that contain synthetic ingredients that can irritate your skin? When you use our Organic Sweet Almond not only you’re removing stubborn and hard-to-remove waterproof makeup, but you’re also moisturizing your face and reducing the appearance of acne.

GIVE YOUR SKIN A TREAT: Sweet Almond Oil for skin is a great antioxidant because it is rich in A & E vitamins. Even the dark under eye circles don’t stand a chance! As an under eye treatment, it reduces the puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. It also helps brighten uneven skin tones so your face is naturally youthful and glowy.

DIY FACIAL POLISH BASE: Just add to your favorite sea salt with a few drops of essential oil to create the perfect gentle facial polish.

AROMATHERAPY ADDITION: Organic Sweet Almond Oil is a must-have carrier oil for essential oils. It has a light texture that can easily be absorbed into the skin so you can use this to dilute any of your favorite essential oils for a relaxing body massage or soothing bubble bath.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Healthy skin equals happy customers! We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our Sweet Almond Oil, let us know and we will give you a 100% FULL refund.

Manufacturer Statement:

PURA D’OR Carrier Oil: 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Because Not All Sweets Are Bad For You

If you’re looking for a pure & natural way to solve your skin & hair issues, PURA D’OR Sweet Almond Oil is the one for you. With the abounding nutrients like A, B, D, and E vitamins, your skin and hair will no longer lack moisture, softness, & smoothness.

Crafted with Care

PURA D’OR products are crafted from hand-selected ingredients in strict adherence to our Promise List. Carefully formulated and bottled in our U.S. facility under our strict quality control and consistency.

What are Carrier Oils?

Sweet Almond Oil is a natural source of vitamins and nutrients that keep your skin cells healthy and protect your skin from environmental toxins that can damage the skin as well as your hair. Multiple benefits of using Sweet Almond Oil can be appreciated by those with oily, dry, and sensitive skin and hair.

Carrier oils are pressed from fatty portions of the plant such as the seeds, nuts, or kernels. They often have a faint sweet nutty aroma to odorless. It makes essential oils be “carried” smoothly and safely to your skin. Argan Carrier Oil makes essential oils safe for topical application by itself and can be used to help dry areas or soothe minor irritations, or even as a full body moisturizer and addition to your daily skincare regimen.

How Can Sweet Almond Carrier Oil Benefit You?

Glowy, Not Greasy

As a natural source of Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil easily spreads and absorbs to the skin without leaving a greasy, heavy residue on the skin. It’s ideal as a facial moisturizer and makeup remover.

No More Straw-Like Strands

When used on hair, Sweet Almond Oil can improve the appearance of your hair from brittle, dry strands to silky soft and smooth hair and reduced frizz.

Flawlessly Soft Skin

Sweet Almond Oil helps improve your skin’s complexion by assisting in the rejuvenation process. As a result, it leaves your skin soft and reduces the visibility of scars.

Ways You Can Use Sweet Almond Oil

Facial Scrub With Sweet Almond Oil

Mix 1 Cup of cane sugar and ¼ cup of Sweet Almond Oil in a glass bowl and mix. You may also use any essential oils of your choice for added fragrance and benefits.

Sweet Almond Hair Mask

In a 3:1 ratio, mix PURA D’OR Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil and massage it to your hair before washing your hair. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

For Relaxation & Added Therapeutic Benefits

Long, tiring day? Blend Organic Eucalyptus or Organic Lavender oils with Sweet Almond Oil for a soothing and relaxing massage oil.

2. Organic Sweet Almond Oil (16 oz) by Sky Organics

Organic Sweet Almond Oil (16 oz) by Sky Organics 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Almond Body Oil Sweet Almond Oil for Body Skin Hair and DIY Almond Massage Oil Natural Almond Body Oil USDA Organic

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Contains: 1 x 16 oz. bottle of Sky Organics’ 100 percent pure, cold-pressed Organic Sweet Almond Oil Gentle Skin Moisturizer: Sweet Almond Lotion can be used as a natural body oil to hydrate and soften dry skin.

Natural Massage Oil: Sky Organics Sweet Almond Oil is a skin-soothing massage oil that can also be used as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oils.

Fast Absorbing and Non-Greasy: Sky Organics Sweet Almond Oil has a silky, lightweight texture that quickly absorbs into skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Responsibly Made: Our Almond Oil is sourced sustainably, is vegan, USDA Certified Organic, and cruelty-free, with no added additives or fragrance.

What makes our products unique?

Natural shouldn’t be a guessing game, which is why Sky Organics is committed to making responsibly sourced products with organic ingredients that are easy to read and easy to understand. Tested on happy humans, never on animals.

Why do we love what we do?

We are all a part of nature, so it makes sense that what we put on our bodies comes from nature, too. We hope you feel the love that goes into every one of our products, because you are part of our story. We want to inspire you to live a more natural lifestyle and to be your best self, every day.

3. Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil - Big 32 fl oz Bottle - Unrefined & 100% Natural - For Skin & Hair, with No Added Ingredients - Perfect Carrier Oil for Essential Oils

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Key Features:

FRESHLY PRESSED here in California – Our Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil is made with only one ingredient: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, which is freshly pressed in California. There are no GMOs, extra additives, or hexane in this product; it’s all natural goodness.

ECO-SIZED BOTTLE – Unlike other 16oz oils, we store our Sweet Almond Oil in large 32oz bottles. As a result, you will save money and we will use less plastic. SMALL CHANGES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE FOR BOTH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND THE ENVIRONMENT!

THE PERFECT CARRIER OIL – Sweet Almond Oil is a top-rated carrier oil for pure essential oils. It’s ideal for a pleasant aromatherapy massage or a relaxing massage. Make an excellent natural body oil for dry skin by combining it with almond essential oil.

HAIR THAT IS STRONGER AND HEALTHIER – Sweet Almond Oil is widely renowned for its ability to nourish and strengthen hair. Massage our sweet into your scalp overnight, or apply it to your beard in the morning and watch it do wonders for your hair.

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE – As soon as your Sweet Almond Oil arrives, begin using it. We’ll return every penny if you don’t like it as a carrier oil or for its benefits alone. Place your order right now.

It’s all natural. No additives – Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil is 100 percent pure Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil. There are no GMOs, no hazardous additives, and it is unrefined and undiluted.

Good for You, Great for the Environment – Sustainably sourced ingredients & less plastic use-age means you get all the benefits of Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil without the harm to our precious environment.

Real, Natural Results for Skin, Hair, & More – Our high quality Sweet Almond Oil nourishes & strengthens hair, and leaves your skin soft & supple.

Quality without Compromise – When it comes to your health, the details matter. Thats why we don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of our products and the ingredients inside them. What you see is what you get, Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil. No GMO’s, Hexane Free, Unrefined, and Cruelty Free. Health for your skin and hair the way nature intended.

Safety Information – For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation or redness or rash occurs, please discontinue use and contact us. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Indications – This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients – 100% Pure Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil. Cold Pressed – Unrefined – Undiluted – Unscented – No Added Ingredients – Hexane Free

FAQ’s On Pure Cold Almond Oil

How we got our start?

We’re a family-owned business that started from a need for natural. We couldn’t understand why it was so hard to find natural products that didn’t contain junk and toxins. So we thought, why not do it ourselves? And with that, Seven Minerals was born!

What makes our product unique?

We harness simplicity. Natural and organic ingredients you know, with labels you don’t need a PhD to understand. You get it, what goes on your skin is just as important as what goes in your mouth. And while we might compromise on the occasional doughnut (Guilty!) we never compromise on our products.

Why we love what we do?

Put simply– We’re unbelievably proud to help real people, solve real problems, with natural solutions. We believe in creating a world where our friends, family, and community can trust that the products they use on a daily basis are natural, safe, and free of toxic junk.

4. Mary Tylor Premium Grade Almond Oil

Mary Tylor Naturals Cold Pressed, Premium Grade, 100% Pure USDA Organic Sweet Almond Oil Large, 16 oz

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Key Features:


SKIN HEALTH FOR ALL TYPES: Even for those with sensitive skin. There are no additives, fillers, or chemicals in it. Bottle is BPA-free.

NUTRIEN RICH: Sweet Almond Oil Is Nutrient-Dense, With Vitamins A, B, D, and E, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, and Proteins for Softer Skin and Hair.

ENJOY the USDA: Certification Seal of Approval Knowing You’re Getting a Real Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

Our Sweet Almond Oil is a Natural Makeup Remover and is the Ideal Carrier Oil for all your Aromatherapy and DIY Needs

Small changes in product size & weight lead to lower carbon emissions.

We created Compact by Design to identify products that, while they may not always look very different, have a more efficient design. With the removal of excess air and water, products require less packaging and become more efficient to ship. At scale, these small differences in product size and weight lead to significant carbon emission reductions.

5. Certified Organic Unrefined Almond Oil

Certified Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil- 1 Gallon

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This Sweet Almond oil is made from the highest grade almond kernels and is cold pressed. It’s high in vitamins A, B, and E, all of which are good for your skin. In fact, these vitamins are abundant in most skin care treatments. The oil aids in the maintenance of skin moisture levels and absorbs quickly without clogging pores.

Overall, almond oil is beneficial to the skin in the following ways: Improve your complexion and keep your glow. Better and deeper moisturizing Assist in the relief of skin irritation and inflammation. Relieve irritable and dry skin. Skin will be nourished, making it softer and smoother. Heals chapped lips and rashes on the body.

As a result, it’s great as a massage oil, and this luxury oil is also great in soap. Enjoy the moisturizing benefits of this light oil by using it at 5% in your cold process recipes.

Sweet Almond Oil is prized for its high concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, which contribute to its superior penetrating and reconstructing abilities. This oil is also an exceptional salt transporter (for use in salt scrubs).

6. Natures Leaf Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Natures Leaf Organic Sweet Almond Oil 100% Pure / Cold Pressed / Dry, Itchy Skin, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Crows Feet, Split Ends, Frizzy's, Scars, Stretch Marks, Skin Cleanser / 4 fl oz

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Truly a gift from Mother Nature. Sweet Almond Oil has been used for centuries to soften and re-condition dry skin, restore luster to dull hair, revitalize dry, flakey, itchy scalp, and relieve minor skin discomforts. This multi-functional, all purpose, carrier oil has become the go to oil for many health care professional for treating a variety of issues relating to the well being of their clients.

Professional aromatherapist, massage therapist, skincare specialist and health care practitioners, all sing it’s praises. They have experienced first hand the many benefits that Sweet Almond Oil provides, and have incorporated it into their treatment regimen. If you could choose only one oil to restore the overall health of your skin, improve your complexion, bring back the luster to your hair, then without a doubt, this is the one you need! Sweet Almond is deeply nourishing, highly emollient, moderately absorbent, and will leave your skin with a smooth, soft, velvet feel.

Sweet Almond Oil will not clog your pores, and is extremely gentle. It can be used by everyone no matter what type of skin you may have. In fact Sweet Almond Oil is so gentle that it can even be used on our most very young, as a gentle and effective, all over body moisturizer, and hair conditioner. Begin today, you owe it to yourself, you deserve better. Purchase one of our bottles of Sweet Almond Oil, and began that journey of creating a better tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did.

TRY RISK FREE – Experience the full benefits of Organic Sweet Almond Oil – Younger healthier, radiant, skin and hair can be yours – Not happy – Simply contact us and we will gladly refund your purchase. OUR DARK AMBER GLASS BOTTLE: Provides maximum shelf life protection and helps to extend the therapeutic activity of these delicate natural plant oil. Always keep the cap tightly closed and store your oils in a cool dark place.

Key Features:

“THERAPEUTICALLY ACTIVE”, “100% PURE” Sweet Almond Oil – Nature’s Leaf Sweet Almond contains all of the natural beauty properties that were created to heal, nourish, mend, and refresh the skin. NO NUTTY INGREDIENTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED OR ADDED.

EXTREMELY Delicate – Sweet Almond Oil is extremely gentle and will not clog pores. It can be used by anyone, regardless of the type of skin they have. In fact, Sweet Almond Oil is so delicate that it may be used as a gentle and effective all-over body moisturizer and hair conditioner on our youngest members of the family.

HIGHLY NOURISHING – High in important fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9, as well as vitamins A, B, D, E, and K, as well as minerals and amino acids. Minor skin discomforts, redness, and itching are relieved by these skin-loving nutrients, which help repair and reverse damaged skin.

VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL – Use as a massage oil, deep nourishing moisturizer, Anti-Aging beauty treatment, natural hair and scalp restorative, make-up remover, soothing all-over moisturizer for babies, and a carrier oil for aromatherapies.

NATURES LEAF’S PRODUCTS ARE HANDCRAFTED AND MANUFACTURED IN OUR OWN STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITY, FOLLOWING STRICT QUALITY MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES AND COMPLYING WITH ALL FDA REGULATIONS. It’s been 25 years of manufacturing excellence for us. Proudly manufactured in the United States of America under the supervision of experienced artisans.

7. Molivera Organics Sweet Almond Oil

Molivera Organics Sweet Almond Oil 16 fl oz. 100% Pure and Natural, Cold Pressed Moisturizer for Skin and Hair

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Carrier oils are made from gentle, nourishing plants and nuts that make them perfect for use on the skin and hair. They contain vitamins and minerals that hydrate and moisturize the hair and skin, leaving it glowy and soft.

Key Features:

PURE AND NATURAL: unfiltered, cold pressed, and undiluted, with no additions or fillers Dropper included for simple application on the fly. For skin, hair, and nails, use the glass dropper (healthy cuticles are important too). All skin and hair types are safe to use.

NOURISHING: Our Sweet Almond Oil gives a high dose of antioxidants, UV protection, and anti-aging treatment to the skin thanks to its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

MOISTURIZING: Ideal for hydrating frizzy, damaged hair and nourishing dry, flaky skin while minimizing blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

ALL SKIN TYPES ARE SAFE: Pure, unadulterated, and devoid of hazardous ingredients. Skin types ranging from dry to oily are safe to use.

SAFE AND TRUSTED: Reliable brand that guarantees your delight!

8. NOW Solutions, Organic Sweet Almond Oil

NOW Solutions, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil, Promotes Healthy-Looking Skin, Unscented Oil, 8-Ounce

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Condition: For skin in need of nourishment, as a moisturizer or for massage. Solution: Certified Organic Almond Oil is a oil from nature that’s perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. Almond Oil is easily absorbed and won’t clog pores, promoting clear, soft, healthy-looking skin. This natural skin-nourishing oil is ideal for the entire body.

Almond oil is derived naturally from pressed almonds. Vegetable-derived oils date back to Biblical times when they were mixed with fragrant herbs to create traditional ointments. Clear bottle contains UV light protectant. NOW Solutions products are not tested on animals.

Key Features:

USDA VERIFIED ORGANIC/NON-GMO PROJECT: Almond oil, which is certified organic, is a nourishing oil that is ideal for revitalizing any skin type. This skin-nourishing oil can be used all over the body. To make a perfumed body, hair, or massage oil, combine it with essential oils as a carrier oil.

PURE MOISTURIZING OIL/NOURISHING/PROMOTES HEALTHY-APPEARING SKIN: 100% PURE MOISTURIZING OIL/NOURISHING/PROMOTES HEALTHY-APPEARING SKIN: Almond Oil absorbs quickly and does not clog pores, resulting in clear, soft, and healthy-looking skin. Almond oil is a natural product made from crushed almonds.

NOW Solutions is the next step in the evolution of personal care products, designed with the world’s best functional ingredients. To create a more natural product range, NOW Solutions products avoid harsh chemical compounds in our formulations. Animals are not used in the development of NOW Solutions products. To ensure the greatest quality, NOW Solutions products are analytically tested.

GMP Quality Assured: NOW follows both obligatory FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) requirements and optional Natural Products Association (NPA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) rules to ensure GMP quality. Compliance with sanitation, processing, documentation, and testing requirements is ensured by good manufacturing procedures, which are meant to provide consistent, highly reproducible product quality and safety.

Since 1968, a family-owned and run enterprise has been packaging in the United States.

9. Mother Nature Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Mother Nature Organic Sweet Almond Oil - Extra Virgin & Cold-Pressed Almond Oil For Body & Hair - Powerful Moisturizer For Scars, Nails, Hair, Wrinkles & Dark Spots - Non-GMO & Cruelty-Free (4oz)

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Key Features:

ORGANIC ALMOND OIL: Pure almond oil from Mother Nature is a natural hair treatment that contains no fillers or additives. Organic Sweet Almond Oil promotes attractive, smooth skin and aids in the reduction of breakouts, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. This hydrating oil is suitable for all skin types. Easy to absorb and won’t clog pores, for clear, smooth, and healthy-looking skin!

STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH: ALMON OIL FOR HAIR IS RICH IN VITAMINS, INCLUDING B VITAMINS, AND STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH (B1 and B6). These vitamins are known to aid in hair growth, split end reduction, rehydration of hair follicles, scalp conditioning, and hair loss prevention. To make your hair silky, shiny, and manageable, mix a few drops of this oil into your shampoo or conditioner.

PROMOTES HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Organic almond oil contains Vitamin E, which keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV damage, and makes your skin seem smooth, silky, and wrinkle-free. Blackheads, breakouts, scars, sunspots, stretch marks, wrinkles, and dark eye circles may all benefit from it. Our pure sweet almond oil is an ideal lotion for dry skin since it replenishes nutrients that have been depleted by the environment, food, age, and stress.

PERFECT NATURAL MASSAGE OIL: Our organic cold-pressed sweet almond oil will awaken your senses while also assisting in the complete removal of tension from your body! The multipurpose character of this delicious almond oil offers your body an extra boost and helps you get back on track with your soul. Glides on smoothly and relieves pain in sensitive areas while also preserving the skin by eliminating free radicals. Our non-greasy composition is suitable for all skin types.

RELIABLE & TRUSTED: Mother Nature Organics guarantees 100% client satisfaction. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of those who rely on our high-quality vitamins to improve their health. Everything we do is guided by integrity and quality, and we pledge to provide the highest-quality supplements to our consumers. Our Sweet Almond Oil is chemical-free and 100 percent pure; it contains no derivatives, diluents, synthetics, or pesticides, and it is cruelty-free.

Sweet Almond Oil For Hair: Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, sweet almond oil can help strengthen hair and prevent split ends. Almond oil is high in vitamin B-7, also known as biotin, which helps to keep hair healthy and strong.

Sweet Almond Oil For Face: It aids in the reduction of scars, stretch marks, and dark bags beneath the eyes. Fatty acids in the oil may help dissolve excess oil on the skin, while retinoids in the oil may help reduce acne and enhance cell turnover.

Sweet Almond Oil For Skin: Almonds are high in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that aids in the preservation of youthful skin. Almond oil has been used to treat dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis for ages.

Sweet Almond Oil For Nails: Helps troublesome nails, strengthens strong nails, and plumps up cuticles that are already in good form. Almond oil coats the nails with rich nutrients that protect them against peeling, cracking, dryness, and breakage. It is high in important antioxidants, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and vitamins E, A, B1, B2, and B6.

Replenish your Skin with Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil!

Our Organic Sweet Almond oil keeps your skin cells activated, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. Their fatty acids and high concentration of Vitamin E help your skin retain moisture.

Only One Ingredient: Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is 100% Pure & Natural – No Additives, No Chemicals, No Alcohol, No Fragrance Added, and Not Diluted.

Sustainably Sourced: Optimal beauty is all-encompassing. It means that the natural environment and local communities thrive too. That’s why we ethically source our Organic Sweet Almond from organic farms in the Sates, away from contaminants and pollutants.

Cold-Pressing & Glass Bottling: Cold-Pressing minimizes processing to ensure a very potent and nutrient-rich oil. We collect the very first pressing of the Sweet Almond nuts to bring an oil packed with all their benefits.

We packed in Amber Glass Bottles to protect the oil from oxidation and the leaky toxins of regular plastic bottles.

All our bottles’ presentations are Amber Glass.

Why Mother Nature Organics?

We are passionate about helping people feel vibrantly rejuvenated, happy, and strong through our range of purely natural products obtained ecologically and sustainably.

We carefully packed our products offering the very best quality available in the market. Always fresh, Organically harvested, Non-GMO, and Sustainably Sourced.

10. Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Almond Oil | GC/MS Tested for Purity | 118ml (4 fl. oz.)

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Key Features:

SWEET ALMOND OIL – SWEET ALMOND OIL (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) is one of the most versatile and widely available skin care oils. Its adaptability makes it ideal for DIY recipes, natural skin and body care, and home care. Many aromatherapists choose it as a carrier oil.

MILD AND ORGANIC -SWEET ALMOND OIL IS CLEAR TO LIGHT YELLOW AND ORGANIC. It has a nutty aroma that ranges from odorless to moderate. Organic oils are distinguished from conventional oils by the fact that the botanicals used to make them are grown in accordance with the USDA’s Organic Standards. Quality Assurance International, a respected third-party certifier, has verified our manufacturing facilities and all of our organic oils as organic (QAI).

ETHICALLY MADE – Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Almond Oil is free of synthetic colors and fragrances and is not tested on animals. The essential oils and skin care oils from Aura Cacia are free of parabens and petroleum.

PURITY TESTING – Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing is the primary way to ensure an essential oil is an unadulterated, true botanical. All Aura Cacia essential oils are GC/MS tested.

ABOUT US – Aura Cacia was founded 38 years ago on pure essential oils and true aromatherapy benefits. We partner with suppliers to source high quality botanicals and rigorously test every batch to ensure purity. We then provide premium products with consumer safety at the forefront. And importantly, Aura Cacia is part of a member owned co-op that puts people and planet ahead of profits.

Nourishing – Sweet almond oil is high in Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Rich in Omega 9, it is also an excellent source of skin-nourishing fatty acids and lipids.

Soothing – Sweet almond oil is known as a soothing carrier oil.

Routine-ready – Sweet almond oil is excellent for bath and after-shower applications. It is especially appropriate for dry skin care.

Glide – Sweet almond oil has a rich consistency that provides a nice glide during massage. For this reason, it is favored among massage therapists.

Additional Features:
– 100% Pure Botanical Ingredients
– No Synthetic Colors or Fragrances
– Not tested on Animals
– Organic
– Non-GMO
– 4 ounces (118 ml)

Organic Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) oil.

Quick Tip: Combine with 2-3 drops of essential oil in a roll-on bottle to use on the go.

Recipe: Lavender Lemon Cuticle Oil

Description: A simple oil to nourish nail beds and cuticles.

– 1 drop Aura Cacia Organic Lemon Essential Oil
– 3 drops Aura Cacia Organic Lavender Essential Oil
– 2 teaspoons Aura Cacia Organic Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil
– 0.31-ounce Aura Cacia Amber Roll-On Bottle

Add essential oils to roll-on bottle, top off with sweet almond oil. Replace lid and shake until blended. Apply to nails and cuticles as needed.


Organic almond oil is the best type of almond oil you can buy. It‘s made from almonds that were grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. The oil is then coldpressed to preserve its nutrients and flavor. Organic almond oil is a healthy choice for your skin, hair, and nails. It‘s also a great cooking oil.

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