Why Is It Called High Tea

High tea is a term used for a meal that typically consists of meat or fish, vegetables, and dessert. It is usually served in the late afternoon or early evening. The term “high tea” is derived from the fact that it was traditionally served on high tables in the great halls of English country houses. … Read more

What Birds Have Yellow Heads

There are many birds that have yellow heads, including the American goldfinch, the black-headed grosbeak, and the yellow-headed blackbird. Each of these birds has a unique story and a different reason for why their head is yellow. The American goldfinch is one of the most popular birds in North America, and their yellow head is … Read more

How Do You Germinate Beet Seeds

Beets are a unique vegetable in that they can be grown from seed or transplanted as starts. beet seeds are small and round, and can be difficult to handle. When starting beets from seed, it is important to take care in handling the tiny seeds. The following guide will show you how to germinate beet … Read more

Why Does My Insinkerator Not Work

There are a few reasons your insinkerator may not be working. The first reason could be that the power is not turned on. Check to see if the switch is in the “on” position. If it is, check to see if there is a circuit breaker that has been tripped. If there is, flip the … Read more