8 Myths About Natural Black Hair

Myths About Natural Black Hair

The black hair care industry is worth over $2.5 billion dollars, and it’s only growing. Black women are the largest demographic in the beauty market, accounting for around 40% of all beauty product sales. However, many black women still feel like their natural hair is a challenge to manage due to misconceptions about styling and … Read more

How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit

Printing t-shirts can bring fun within profit. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is possible. Long ago, t-shirts printing was only possible in the big industries and farms. But within the advancement of techniques, you can print the t-shirts in your home. There are many DIY methods to print t-shirts, and it is great fun and … Read more

Direct to Garment Printing Vs Screen Printing

There is frustration with the confusion about the printing method. Which printing method is the best? When starting a t-shirt business or online garment designing store, the first question arises for the printing process. Which one should you choose? The most famous and acceptable printing methods are direct to garment and screen printing. Some factors … Read more

Can You Screen Print On Polyester

Do you like printed shirts or things to wear? There is a wide range of variety for printed products. If you are familiar with the customization of clothing or other accessories, then you may familiar with the screen printing process. You also may not hear this even though you are using a customized printed shirt … Read more

How to Make Embroidered Patches

In the past, when we enjoy some TV shows or movies, we saw our stars wear denim jackets or carry bags with fashionable designs. We admired them so much that we started searching for those designed dresses or bags or shoes. This trendy style-added clothing is now readily available. Besides that, we can make DIY … Read more

The Unstainable Tee Shirt

The Unstainable Tee Shirt is a new kind of shirt that is made to be resistant to stains. It is made with a new fabric that is treated to repel water and oil–based stains. This makes it ideal for people who are active and want to stay clean and fresh all day long. The Unstainable … Read more