How to Print on Fabric

Printing is fun when it comes to printing some attractive design. Suppose it is about printing an excellent design on fabric, the fun and enjoyment increases. If you know how to print on fabric, you will get the chance to modify your t-shirt or other fabric-made things. You also have the opportunity to change fabric … Read more

How To Shrink Polyester shirt

If you have an oversized polyester shirt, you will want to make it shrink. You also may want to re-use your polyester shirt by making it a different style. Then you again need to shrink it. It is not wise to send it to a tailor to do it. They may change the size range … Read more

How to Remove Hot Glue from Fabric

Super glues are somewhat a necessary item in our household. When using these glues, it may cause stains in our fabrics. It can be our clothes, carpet, or curtains. It becomes irritating to have those stains. If we do not know the proper way to remove glues from the fabric, it frustrates us. So, you … Read more

How To Measure Body Width for Shirt

In the modern world, dressing trends keep changing frequently. We all try to maintain trendy looks. To cope up with the trends change, we have to customize our dresses. There are many ways to customize your dress with a modern design. If you want to order a shirt to customize your design, you have to … Read more

The Collection – Summer, Winter And Forever

Summer Collection 1. theASH The Ash is this season’s go-to piece for a chic summer look. This nautical-inspired navy and white striped tee is made of a modal / cotton jersey blend. Paired with a skirt or your favorite jeans, the Ash will rock any boat party as well as captivate co-workers with your savvy … Read more