How to Remove Hot Glue from Fabric

Super glues are somewhat a necessary item in our household. When using these glues, it may cause stains in our fabrics. It can be our clothes, carpet, or curtains. It becomes irritating to have those stains. If we do not know the proper way to remove glues from the fabric, it frustrates us.

So, you have to know how to remove hot glue from fabric for our daily household purpose. Some effective but simple processes help the most to accomplish your goal. You will only need some ingredients that are available at your home. Let’s explore and learn the easy methods of removing the glue.

How to Remove Hot Glue from Fabric

By using iron, alcohol, or a freezer, hot glue on fabric can be removed. Let’s know how to get hot glue out of fabric step-by-step.

Process-1: With an Iron

Removing hot glue involves the melting of glue and transferring it to a separate cloth or paper. This is the simplest process among all.


  • An iron
  • Paper bag or cotton cloth

Step-1: Keeping the Fabric Straight

At first, you have to melt glue with iron. That’s why you have to heat the iron to such a temperature that it does not affect the fabric badly but melt-up glue. Now, keep the cloth stained by glue laying on a flat surface upright.

Step-2: Placing of cloth

Now, place the cotton cloth or paper over the glue stain. The paper should be plain and without any color because it will be attached to melted glue. The color may spread to the original fabric and damage it.

Step-3: Melting of Glue

After placing cloth pr paper, apply hot iron on that cloth. Iron should go off steam. Keep it for 10 to 20 seconds to melt the glue. When you see the glue to be melted, lift the iron. Now, lift the soaked cloth and check if all glue is lifted. If there is some glue left on the fabric, repeat the procedure with new material or a fresh side of that cloth.

If the stain becomes stubborn, ironing at both sides can help more. Place one cotton cloth at the surface, place the stained fabric on it, keep the stain up, and then place another cloth on it. Now apply an iron to melt the glue. At the next level, again use iron, keeping the stain downward. See, it helps to remove stubborn glue out of the fabric.

Process-2: Using Alcohol

The alcohol helps to peel off the dried glue from the fabric. Using this factor, you can remove the hot glue.


  • A butter knifes
  • Acetone or isopropyl alcohol

Step-1: Drying of Glue

Dealing with melted glue can be irritating and messy sometimes. So, let the glue dry up with time. Check if the glue is adequately dried up with the help of a toothpick. If the glue stick with a toothpick, you have to give it more time to dry up. But, generally, hot glue takes very little time to dry.

Step-2: Applying Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol works well to loosen the dried glue from the fabric. Any alcohol works in this process. Some isopropyl alcohols have 70% solid alcohol, and some have 91% alcohol. The acetone also works in removing the dried glue. If you do not have isopropyl alcohol or 100% acetone, you can use your nail polish remover. It contains acetone.

You have to soak a cotton piece with the alcohol and then dab it around the glue softly. Within a couple of minutes, it will loosen up slowly.

Step-3: Peeling of Glue

Use a knife to slowly peel the glue off the fabric, and it will come out of the material without keeping any leftover. If the glue keeps two or more fabric attached, then peel the glue from one-by-one fabric.

Do not use your nails to peel the glue off. It can harm your finger.

Step-4: Washing

After removing the hot glue from the fabric, wash it with water properly. Rub it softly to the area that was stained. It will remove glue remains, if any.

Noted: Try a small amount of alcohol on the fabric that you are going to use. Check if it affects the color and quality of the material. If it damages the fabric color, then do not use that alcohol.

Process-3: By Freezing

Remove the glue by freezing it. At low temperature, it became hard and easy to remove.


  • Freezer
  • A butter knife or sharp spoon

Step-1: Keep the fabric with glue upright at the freezer’s clean surface. Careful that no odor of the freezer should affect the fabric. After a couple of hours, it became hard and fragile. This cold, fragile part is easy to remove.

Step-2: Peel the glue from the fabric using the knife or a sharp spoon. The glue will come out by breaking into pieces. It may fall into small pieces. So, place it on some bowl that can hold the glue pieces.

At last, wash the cloth properly to clean any remains of the glue.

Frequently Asked Question

While searching for the solution for hot glued fabric, there may arise some questions in mind. You should be clear of all the queries before going for hot glue removing processes.

Can you wash off hot glue from fabric?

Ans: Actually, hot glue can be washed off with the washing machine. But the glue can damage the machine after getting out of the fabric. It can also damage other clothes you have to keep in the washing machine with the glued fabric.

Is the hot glue permanent on fabric?

Ans: Yes. It can be permanent when you choose such type of permanent glue. A specific kind of glue specialized for fabric is used to decorate fabric or use hot glue to attach it.

What can be the alternatives for fabric glue?

Ans: If you do not want to use fabric glue, there are some alternatives like fusible tape, fusible web, or acrylics. You can use these alternatives when you feel messy to use hot glue.


The super glues became a problem when they stuck to any fabric. If you do not know how to remove hot glue from fabric, it can be irritating enough to hamper your daily household chores. So, learn the ideas given above and apply any of the processes you feel right.

It will help you to be free from any worry while using glues. Stay careful when using the hot glue so that it cannot fall on your skin. It can burn your skin adversely.

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